[ubuntu-art] On hold: Screenshots @ Ubuntu.com

Ivanka Majic ivanka.majic at canonical.com
Thu Nov 18 19:39:21 GMT 2010

Hi all,

I have had a very detailed look at the site today and at the work 
Richard has been doing with regards to applying the Ubuntu visual 
identity. I have emailed the developer who put the site up in the first 
place and will discuss his aims and intentions and then we can decide, 
together with him what the best next step is.

Even without any new visual identity we could do quite a bit to improve 
the usability of the site and then we can talk about the brand 
relationships separately.

When everything is new and shiny we can do our "hug a screenshot day" or 
whatever we decide to call it!

I don't think this is a big piece of work but it is too important to be 
building it on a bunch of unsubstantiated assumptions.

Let's wait until I hear back and then we can pick it up again.


Ivanka Majic'
Creative Strategy Lead

Canonical Design Team
m: 07968704460
e: ivanka.majic at canonical.com

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