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Thu Nov 18 15:04:14 GMT 2010

> I do not know the intent or the desired outcome of the authors of
> "screenshots.debian.net", but drawing a conclusion from the URL I assume
> the
> desire was to offer Debian users a method to showcase their desktop.
No. In fact, it's a repository of *application* screenshots. It's intended
to give you some general impression about an app before you install it,
nothing more. I already complained about the name in a parallel thread.

* The most pressing issue is screenshots may not be current and reflect what
> is being offered. In addition, there is no easy method (?) to expire an
> image and/or contact the submitter.
Outdated screenshots of an app will be quicky updated by fans of this
application. Expiring an image is a matter of one click (and admin review,
which is very swift at the moment). Moreover, screenshot requests from
client apps can be made (or already are) version-specific, e.g. Lucid users
will see the screenshot for the version they have and not the version from
Maverick repo.

> * The Software Centre is package centric and in reality a package may be an
> aggregate of several functional deliverables. Theme packages are a good
> example of this.
Synaptic is package-centric. Software Center is more application-centric and
I hope it will improve over time. And I've never seen anyone posting
screencasts of their themes - only screenshots.

* In today’s world a graphic image is just one way to deliver information.
> The current solution does not support alternatives such as videos in the
> form of a screen cast.
The intention of screenshot is to quickly give an impression about the
application. It's faster and less bandwidth-consuming (read: cheaper) to
install the app than to watch a screencast of it.

Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff
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