[ubuntu-art] LibreOffice - An Open Apology

David Nelson commerce at traduction.biz
Mon Nov 15 20:44:49 GMT 2010

Hi John, :-)

Thank you for the very kind words. And great thanks, too, for the
support you've offered to TDF and the LibreOffice project. :-)

As regards any apology, well, anyone who puts forward a controversial
idea in an Open Source project had better be thick-skinned, and had
better be ready with good arguments! I know how these things go, so no
worries there. ;-)

Also, in the LibO list thread, Thorsten did examine both sides of the
issue, so I can't fault his constructive discussion, even though I'm
aware that - on balance - he doesn't support the idea I'm advancing.

I'm not sure what the ultimate decision will be regarding a
logo/mascot contest. But I am certain that it was a very positive
thing to have established contact between TDF/LibO and Ubuntu - both
for LibO and as a general initiative between FOSS projects. I'm sure
this is just the start of what will turn out to be a longstanding
communication and collaboration.

So a big thanks to you, John, for having been so receptive, positive
and proactively helpful about it.

Meanwhile, for the moment, seeing the other messages incoming to this
thread, I think we'd better both just duck and run, mate! :-D

See you soon in another thread! ;-)

David Nelson

"The light shineth in the darkness, and the darkness shall not overcome it."

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