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On Wed, 3 Nov 2010 18:08:17 -0400
John Baer <baerjj at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello Everyone,
> It is my pleasure to introduce the updated new look of the Artwork Team Wiki
> ( https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork ). The design supports the changes
> outlined in the blueprint and may be considered a work in progress. Please
> set your user preferences to the new "light" Wiki theme for the best user
> experience.
> One important process I will draw attention to is the change to being task
> focused, not release focused. A task such as “create new default wallpaper”
> may be directed to a specific release; the task design a new “Artwork Team
> Logo” is release independent. This change will allow us to accept a greater
> variety of assignments.
> As discussed at UDS this solution is temporary as the desire is to create a
> new robust solution based on ccHost, Django, or Ruby on Rails. Although not
> perfect, the current mix of mailing list, Ubuntu Wiki, and Flickr is mature
> and tested. When considering broad changes I like to “start with the simple,
> move to the complex”. This is the simple solution. :)
> So how does the Process work?
> Step 1 – Make a request or proposal.
> I anticipate requests and proposals will come in from a variety of sources
> in the community. In fact they already are!
> Step 2 – Create a “Spec”.
> The purpose of the spec is to explain what needs to be done, how to do it,
> and when it needs to be complete. The goal of the spec is to provide a
> mechanism to inform folks about a request or proposal they may have an
> interest in contributing to.
> Step 3 – Create Submissions
> With a Spec in place folks may create submissions or work on other tasks.
>  Submissions may be discussed on the mailing list and for effort which
> utilizes Flickr, comments may be appended to submissions. When there is a
> desire, additional discussions may occur on the IRC. Please remember in the
> case of art it sometimes becomes a matter of preference. Be respectful and
> use the Ubuntu Code of Conduct in our discussions. It is anticipated the
> submission process will be iterative and dynamic.
> Step 4 – Evaluate and Approve
> The final step is the approval and selection of the desired result. In some
> cases this may also include the evaluation of different design concepts to
> determine the best solution (viz. Ubuntu countdown banner). In addition, my
> hope is many will choose to post their appreciation as an accolade.
> What if it doesn’t fit?
> All of the above may be too formal for some requests (viz. can you give me
> some ideas on how to improve this web page).  In those cases the mailing
> list may be adequate, in others cases we may have to discover the best
> approach.
> The Beta
> The first task (our beta) is to create the new Artwork Team logo. I created
> a submission to seed the effort, serve as a process example, and to
> encourage others. This is a real task and the result will be prominently
> displayed in the community and worthy of inclusion into your portfolio.
> The Walk-thru - Artwork Team Logo
> * If you do not have an account on Flickr, create one. The free account is
> adequate for this task.
> * Create your images in a tool capable of supporting the “SVG” image format
> (viz. Inkscape).  I used 128px as the height. Export your submission as a
> “png” or “jpg”. I discovered Flickr displays icons uploaded as “jpg” better
> than “png”. I use GIMP to do the conversion.
> * Upload your images to your Flickr photo stream.  Be sure to tag the image
> with “UbuntuArtworkTeamLogo”, attribute as “creative commons”, and add
> comments of your choosing.
> * Join the “Ubuntu Artwork Team Logo Designs” group and add your image(s).
> http://www.flickr.com/groups/uawt-1/
> * Optionally, attach your source files (svg) to the spec.  Be sure to
> identify your attachment in a manner which links it to your submission.
> * Inform the group using the mailing list.
> I moved the desired due date out to 12/01 to give everyone time to
> participate. If you have problems just let me know (  j.baer at ubuntu.com ).
> Thanks!
> John

That is very nice. Could the second paragraph of
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork#Don%27t%20go%20it%20alone! be changed
to a darker text for accessiblity? The light gray is difficult to read.
The rest looks great!

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