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John Baer baerjj at gmail.com
Wed Nov 3 22:08:17 GMT 2010

Hello Everyone,

It is my pleasure to introduce the updated new look of the Artwork Team Wiki
( https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork ). The design supports the changes
outlined in the blueprint and may be considered a work in progress. Please
set your user preferences to the new "light" Wiki theme for the best user

One important process I will draw attention to is the change to being task
focused, not release focused. A task such as “create new default wallpaper”
may be directed to a specific release; the task design a new “Artwork Team
Logo” is release independent. This change will allow us to accept a greater
variety of assignments.

As discussed at UDS this solution is temporary as the desire is to create a
new robust solution based on ccHost, Django, or Ruby on Rails. Although not
perfect, the current mix of mailing list, Ubuntu Wiki, and Flickr is mature
and tested. When considering broad changes I like to “start with the simple,
move to the complex”. This is the simple solution. :)

So how does the Process work?

Step 1 – Make a request or proposal.

I anticipate requests and proposals will come in from a variety of sources
in the community. In fact they already are!

Step 2 – Create a “Spec”.

The purpose of the spec is to explain what needs to be done, how to do it,
and when it needs to be complete. The goal of the spec is to provide a
mechanism to inform folks about a request or proposal they may have an
interest in contributing to.

Step 3 – Create Submissions

With a Spec in place folks may create submissions or work on other tasks.
 Submissions may be discussed on the mailing list and for effort which
utilizes Flickr, comments may be appended to submissions. When there is a
desire, additional discussions may occur on the IRC. Please remember in the
case of art it sometimes becomes a matter of preference. Be respectful and
use the Ubuntu Code of Conduct in our discussions. It is anticipated the
submission process will be iterative and dynamic.

Step 4 – Evaluate and Approve

The final step is the approval and selection of the desired result. In some
cases this may also include the evaluation of different design concepts to
determine the best solution (viz. Ubuntu countdown banner). In addition, my
hope is many will choose to post their appreciation as an accolade.

What if it doesn’t fit?

All of the above may be too formal for some requests (viz. can you give me
some ideas on how to improve this web page).  In those cases the mailing
list may be adequate, in others cases we may have to discover the best

The Beta

The first task (our beta) is to create the new Artwork Team logo. I created
a submission to seed the effort, serve as a process example, and to
encourage others. This is a real task and the result will be prominently
displayed in the community and worthy of inclusion into your portfolio.

The Walk-thru - Artwork Team Logo

* If you do not have an account on Flickr, create one. The free account is
adequate for this task.

* Create your images in a tool capable of supporting the “SVG” image format
(viz. Inkscape).  I used 128px as the height. Export your submission as a
“png” or “jpg”. I discovered Flickr displays icons uploaded as “jpg” better
than “png”. I use GIMP to do the conversion.

* Upload your images to your Flickr photo stream.  Be sure to tag the image
with “UbuntuArtworkTeamLogo”, attribute as “creative commons”, and add
comments of your choosing.

* Join the “Ubuntu Artwork Team Logo Designs” group and add your image(s).

* Optionally, attach your source files (svg) to the spec.  Be sure to
identify your attachment in a manner which links it to your submission.

* Inform the group using the mailing list.

I moved the desired due date out to 12/01 to give everyone time to
participate. If you have problems just let me know (  j.baer at ubuntu.com ).


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