[ubuntu-art] Lubuntu style: how light can it be?

Julien Lavergne gilir at ubuntu.com
Wed May 19 18:28:13 BST 2010


Lubuntu is designed for very low hardware specs, including very old and
unusual graphic chipsets. So every bits which increase the CPU or memory
usage need to be useful.
I'm not an expert of the gtk engine, but could you point me the advances
of the cairo-based gtk engines ?


Best regards,
Julien Lavergne

Le samedi 08 mai 2010 à 10:00 -0600, Shawn Thompson a écrit :
> For Lubuntu, I know we're trying to make it light but elegant, which led 
> me to think of an idea; how well do Cairo-based GTK engines run on the 
> kind of computers we're aiming at with Lubuntu? I had an idea of maybe 
> using a lighter GTK engine for the theme, although right now the theme 
> I'm working on for Lubuntu is a modification of the Radiance theme from 
> the main Gnome version, and I'm aiming for a kind of icy/frost-type look.
> Any thoughts?
> p.s. (and yes, I am the Viper550 from back in the day, had to switch my 
> email address due to a change of ISP/province/etc)

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