[ubuntu-art] New Wave Plasma

Saleel Velankar svelanka at gmail.com
Wed Jan 6 19:38:23 GMT 2010

I am so glad you responded! Some things have progressed since that first

I have published that first crude version of the theme on kde look under the
name "Wave"?(http://kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=117892)
I have also gone ahead and published the color scheme for kde4 so that the
colors fit nicely together. (

Since then I have realized that some of the documentation is incomplete for
plasma theming, on kde base, and have moved my base theme which was
perfection to the default air for it to be more complete. This has increased
the amount of parts that need to be themed.

If you were to design a clock for newwave, what would it look like? what
about notes? think gnome screenlets, if you dont want to bother with kde.
here is a screenshot of the clock I made, to be a placeholder, I am also
attaching the latest version of the theme I am sweating on, if you want to
poke around and fiddle with the svgs. also attaching a screenshot of things
that still need themeing, that I am working on, basically I am going into
the gtk images, looking at how things are done, for certain things copying
them the best I can.

On Tue, Jan 5, 2010 at 11:05 AM, Anton Kerezov <ankere at gmail.com> wrote:

> What you have done is impressive!
> Sorry for not being able to contact you earlier but I had technical
> difficulties. I can help you with the themes for the clock and etc.
> You can write me an e-mail so that we could define better what's needed.
> ____________________________
> Anton Kerezov

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