[ubuntu-art] Community-wallpapers package - was Re: Free Culture Showcase History - was Re: Alternate Natty Wallpaper Proposal

Vishnoo vish at ubuntu.com
Wed Dec 15 10:58:30 GMT 2010

On Tue, 2010-12-14 at 14:22 -0500, Saleel Velankar wrote:
> IIRC this years FCS will be focused on an overarching theme of
> light(?) and ubuntu specific stuff will be turned down. Here is the
> thing, my proposal for new non photo pool covers stuff that was
> clearly made for Ubuntu, yet not made because of a request, or a
> spec.  These walls are being made already by enthusiastic members of
> the larger Ubuntu community, and some are very good and yet they don't
> seem to have a home. Instead I have to trawl DA for a half an hour and
> sift through. 
> Giving it a community package allows us :
> *to get in greater contact with those artists, and hopefully get them
> onboard for any new spec'd projects. 
> *to engage the wider community.
> *bring greater amounts of eyeballs on made for ubu walls
> *bring greater eyeballs to our own spec'd projects
> *bring convenience to people that are looking for these types of walls
> *help bring awareness and guidance to using the new branding
> guidelines
We can start a community-wallpaper package similar to the
community-themes package.

But,we should not end up duplicating teams and splitting up processes

Everyone here is confused about 4 things:
- presence of community illustrations in the default Ubuntu install
- Separate group for illustrations
- Separate judges for illustrations(judges should not be from the photo
- let's Wait-n-see what it turns out, prove our community design skills
and then let the Canonical Design team decide to include it into default
Ubuntu installation.
 (I noticed this in replies from Ryan Prior, Сергей, Saleel Velankar. I
dont think I have missed anything else )

Let's be clear about a few things before we start a whole new process:

1: Illustration wallpapers are a part of Free Culture Showcase which
should be included in the default install, as mentioned on
<https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuFreeCultureShowcase> The task just dint
get completed for Maverick.

- Ivanka is in-charge of announcing the start for Natty cycle, which is
scheduled for Jan 3rd.

2: There is already a separate pool for FCS illustrations, in
- <http://ubuntu-artists.deviantart.com/gallery/25667683>
If the deviantart group has any problems, first discuss it with
 Martin Owens, he started the group there.
FCS did initially start with a separate group, and Martin requested that
the FCS be part in the existing group itself and so it was merged as
part of #ubuntu-artists.

3: Judging of Illustrative Wallpapers are to be done by separate folks,
not the winners from Flickr photos. [ Contrary to popular belief, One of
the reasons Illustrative Wallpaper wasn't in Maverick was because it was
not judged by the flickr judges.no one looked at the submissions. ;) ]

- Ivanka is in-charge of the judges for Natty, which she should inform
us soon.

4: A Community-wallpaper package will most probably(99.9999%)
not be installed in the default or included on the CD, this is similar
to the community-themes package. It's nearly impossible to add this as a
new package to the default install, it's *not* under the control of the
Canonical Design team. (Especially when we are duplicating, and when
this is not an essential package.) 
So there is barely any chance, even if the Design team thinks that the
submissions and the final selection were absolutely brilliant.

So there is no "we will prove our work and then let the Design team
decide to include it in the default"
(recent example: Ubuntu Manual Project. It had a lot to offer but still
it did not get included, even though it can be far more useful than a
few more pretty wallpapers) 
Don't start the project thinking this is possible or as a goal.

Be sure why you are starting the process and not due to mis-information
or mis-conceptions.

If what you were looking for is already in the existing tasks,
 do not duplicate it. 
Always try to collaborate with an existing project before you start
something new. 
Have a very valid reason for starting a duplicate process with a similar
goal. In Ubuntu, this duplication is not recommended. (a
community-wallpaper-package in the universe is not duplication)

If everything is clear and still the community-package is favored, just
like an additional themes package, then we should be clear during call
for submissions that the wallpapers will not be included in the default
Ubuntu install but it meant as a package in the universe.


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