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Leandro Gómez leo.telsen at gmail.com
Wed Dec 1 08:32:35 GMT 2010

On Wed, Dec 1, 2010 at 1:29 AM, Ivanka Majic <ivanka.majic at canonical.com>wrote:

>  Hi Leandro,
Hi Ivanka!

> On 30/11/10 20:46, Leandro Gómez wrote
>  We shamelessly borrowed the concept (and some of the animations) from the
> Design Team video and made a promo for the Ubuntu Nicaragua LoCo Team. You
> can see the final product here:
>  http://ubuntu.org.ni/somos-ubuntu
> Well borrowed - that's what it is there for!

Thank you!

> Why don't you put the video here?
> http://vimeo.com/groups/ubuntufreecultureshowcase or maybe on youtube?

The video was originally made for our screencast project (
http://www.ubuntu.org.ni/pildoras). There's going to be at least five
different videos that people can use to promote Ubuntu at conferences and
fairs. We use blip.tv because it's easier to upload .ogv videos there, but I
uploaded it also to youtube and flickr and will (hopefully, when I have some
time :) upload it to vimeo.


> I notice that you have created some new pictograms. Did you know that most
> of the original ones are here:
> http://design.canonical.com/brand/Pictograms/ - let me know if any are
> missing and I will make sure they get put up. Do you think you could make
> the new ones available somewhere?

We have _a lot_ of pictograms that we use for presentations. We have a
mandatory policy in our LoCo to make everything we do (artwork,
presentations, tutorials, videos) available for download under a free
license (we recommend PD0 for works that don't have the Ubuntu brand and
CC-BY or CC-BY-SA for everything else).

The idea with the pictograms was to categorize and upload them to
SpreadUbuntu. I've already uploaded the first ones:


I'll try to upload the rest later this week.

> Thorsten, doctormo, j_baer what was decided about the storage of images for
> this group? I lost track of the flickr debate. Do we have a youtube channel?
> I know we discussed at UDS that we should have one there as well as vimeo -
> shall I just set one up or is there one we already use?
>  The song we used is 'Meboo' by Pitx:
>  http://ccmixter.org/files/Pitx/12298
>   I like the energy!
>>  What do you think about writing a blog post about how to use OpenShot?
>> Perhaps we could work on a mood board for the video together and then you
>> could include that in the blog post by way of setting out a challenge for
>> people? There could be a visual and a sound mood board. Maybe we could find
>> some Creative Commons tunes here that we could use?
>> http://soundcloud.com/groups/ubuntu-free-culture-showcase
>  If there's something I personally would love to see is the Design Team
> taking more advantage of all the (excellent) free and open media resources
> out there. There are great musicians who license their work under permissive
> licenses that would be absolutely thrilled to collaborate with Canonical and
> the Ubuntu Project.
> Would love to do more of this. The Soundcloud group was set up for that -
> where else should we look or go to invite people to submit things to that
> group?

It would be a good idea to post something to http://ccmixter.org/forums and


> Ivanka
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