[ubuntu-art] OpenShot - Ubuntu Promo Video Remix

Ivanka Majic ivanka.majic at canonical.com
Wed Dec 1 07:29:14 GMT 2010

Hi Leandro,

On 30/11/10 20:46, Leandro Gómez wrote
> We shamelessly borrowed the concept (and some of the animations) from 
> the Design Team video and made a promo for the Ubuntu Nicaragua LoCo 
> Team. You can see the final product here:
> http://ubuntu.org.ni/somos-ubuntu

Well borrowed - that's what it is there for! Why don't you put the video 
here? http://vimeo.com/groups/ubuntufreecultureshowcase or maybe on 
youtube? I notice that you have created some new pictograms. Did you 
know that most of the original ones are here: 
http://design.canonical.com/brand/Pictograms/ - let me know if any are 
missing and I will make sure they get put up. Do you think you could 
make the new ones available somewhere?

Thorsten, doctormo, j_baer what was decided about the storage of images 
for this group? I lost track of the flickr debate. Do we have a youtube 
channel? I know we discussed at UDS that we should have one there as 
well as vimeo - shall I just set one up or is there one we already use?

> The song we used is 'Meboo' by Pitx:
> http://ccmixter.org/files/Pitx/12298
I like the energy!
>     What do you think about writing a blog post about how to use
>     OpenShot? Perhaps we could work on a mood board for the video
>     together and then you could include that in the blog post by way
>     of setting out a challenge for people? There could be a visual and
>     a sound mood board. Maybe we could find some Creative Commons
>     tunes here that we could use?
>     http://soundcloud.com/groups/ubuntu-free-culture-showcase
> If there's something I personally would love to see is the Design Team 
> taking more advantage of all the (excellent) free and open media 
> resources out there. There are great musicians who license their work 
> under permissive licenses that would be absolutely thrilled to 
> collaborate with Canonical and the Ubuntu Project.

Would love to do more of this. The Soundcloud group was set up for that 
- where else should we look or go to invite people to submit things to 
that group?

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