[ubuntu-art] Koala Wallies

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Plus, you could always easily make your own livecd with additional content using "Ubuntu Customization Kit" from Add/Remove. Its very easy to add to the livecd and distribute to others or use for yourself.


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On Friday 11 September 2009 04:19:19 pm Bruce Beardall wrote:

> I don't know this for a fact but I'd guess that since Ubuntu not only

> includes the full OS and comes with a full office suite, graphics package,

> media player etc. which are all crammed into a single disc, adding 30 plus

> wallpapers might require excluding software and thus functionality.


> I agree that it would be nice to have them but I'd rather be able to

> confidently advise someone that the disc I've just given them will give

> them real functionality right from the get-go and if they want to add more

> from there, there's an incredible amount of applications, themes and

> wallpapers within very easy (and free) reach.


> For now, I think the single disc philosophy (if that's what it is) is the

> right one.

Correct, we will not be able to include them on the CDs but they will be downloaded after installation.



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