[ubuntu-art] [Breathe] Daniel's edits review

spg76 sebastianporta at gmail.com
Tue Sep 1 17:32:16 BST 2009

I finally got the time to make a review of Daniel's edits.

First, I gotta say that I think that they look better that the old ones.
Overall, I really like the icons with orange or green, but no so much the
ones with yellow or blue which I found too muted.

The "actions" icons looks pretty good. I wouldn't make any change, except
for the yellow or blue like I wrote before and for the envelope that it
seems kind of dark to me.

In the "applications" icons there are several icons that I don't like for
different reason (perspective, lack of details, I don't like the metaphor):
accessories-character-map, accessories-dictionary, fusion-icon, gdm,
preferences-desktop-wallpaper and preferences-desktop-theme. Also, the
utilities-system-monitor and utilities-terminal icons, although can be
improved, I don't think that they look better without the reflection.
help-about, help-browser y system-software-update look a little muted (again
the blue color).
I love preferences-desktop-screensaver.

In the "categories" icons I don't notice much change but I'd say that the
only thing that I don't like it's the color of applications-internet,
preferences-system-network and system-help.

In the "devices" icons I noticed that the displays has changed and I think
that they look much better that what I did, although I think that with a
little work could look even better.

For the other sections I could say the same that I said before about the
yellow and blue colors. Also I'm not sure about the folder (I have to use
the set a little more).

Well, I think that's all.
Take notice that this it's only my opinion and, of course, I'm open to hear
everyone else's.
That being said, I must add that Daniel did a fantastic job reviewing the
icons and improving most of them. Gracias, Daniel.

Once we resolved what to do with this review, I will try to be back on track
making new icons and reviewing my old ones to improve them and making them
more consistent (colors, perspective, etc.).
Sorry that this take me so long.
Seba (AKA spg76)
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