[ubuntu-art] [Hanso v0.4] Community Themes for Karmic

James Schriver jws141 at comcast.net
Wed Sep 9 19:30:34 BST 2009


I've just released Hanso v0.4.  This theme should be fairly stable at
this point where many bugs were resolved as the result of the First
Artwork Drop.  I am releasing this prior to the Second Artwork Drop
deadline of 9/10/2009.  

I'd like to get a final wave of testing prior to the Final Artwork
Deadline.  I've received tremendous feedback on the theme and again
could not have done it without the help and feedback of the community.

This will most likely be my last theme for quite some time as I have an
exorbitant amount of issues going on in my personal life at this time
including the selling of my current home and construction of my new
home.  I will continue to maintain Hanso in the interim. 

Thanks again to mac_v for the awesome icon contributions to the
metacity.  This really sets off the theme.




Best Regards,

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