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Sun Oct 4 17:47:15 BST 2009

That desktop is neat :) Although i will stay at the default gnome layout. I dont like the "only on tray at the bottom" philosophy :) If you know what i mean. 

True, but when i tested Kubuntu last time, i culdnt even fire up my DSL connection, and it was crowded, too much functions, lack of pure clearness. Keep it simple Pal :P Nobody is stupid. I'll give Karmic Kubuntu another shot when it will come out. Ubuntu has definitely its place, i think it should be a bit fuzzy, a bit more exciting, aside the pureness what it has. Maybe we should make Kubuntu come up to a usability, what Ubuntu already has, and then we will have a two sided OS. One for purity, one for extremes. Next year will be very interesting..

Cheers Mates!

2009/10/4 David Zondlo <dzondlo at gmail.com>
While kde 4.3 does look great and performs so much better than
previous versions, it still lacks enough stability (for me at least)
to use on a desktop computer.

Even though ubuntu's default desktop isn't quite as pretty as
leopard's or vista's (or 7's), in my opinion the ability to customize
far surpasses its rivals. Plus 9.10's new wallpapers truly are
breathtaking. Here is my slightly customized desktop:


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