[ubuntu-art] Hello & Tangerine Icons

Dmitrijs Ledkovs dmitrij.ledkov at gmail.com
Sat May 30 18:32:33 BST 2009

Hello All!

== Intro ==

My first email to the list and hence I'd like to introduce myself. I'm
an Electronics Engineer student and I appriciate  computer graphics a
lot and like my desktop to look cool =D

I've started to get involved with packaging and fixing some minor bugs
in software I use. I can't do art but hopefully I'll be able to help
you with something =D

== Tangerine Theme ==

I like the theme but there is a small drawback. For apps only
"alacarte" scalable size is installed and the rest of the app scalable
versions are simply ignored due to a small type in the makefile.

Can someone please review bug 380474 [1]  / merge proposal [2] with the fix?

Cause I use Gnome-do Docky at quite large size and only SVG's look good on it =D

[1] https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/tangerine-icon-theme/+bug/380474
[2] https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~dmitrij.ledkov/tangerine-icon-theme/missing-svgs/+merge/6788
With best regards

Dmitrijs Ledkovs (for short Dima),
Ледков Дмитрий Юрьевич

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