[ubuntu-art] [Breathe] ms-dos mimetype icon

daniel planas armangue daniplanas.a at gmail.com
Sat May 30 17:52:59 BST 2009

El sáb, 30-05-2009 a las 18:36 +0200, Steve Dodier escribió:
> Oh, if Daniel wants an icon of which he shouldn't be happy, its the
> one for the ms-dos mimetype :)
> Please, please, PLEASE don't put a Microsoft Windows logo in an Ubuntu
> (icon) theme. Microsoft sucks. Their patents suck, their closemindness
> suck, their multiple (direct and indirect, anyway wanted) violations
> of antitrust law suck.
> If there is one thing, amongst all, that could refrain me from using a
> theme, it's any kind of similitude with Windows.
> By the way, ms-dos is handled by Wine in Ubuntu, and they now have a
> new sexy icon, why not use it instead of that evil evil evil Windows
> logo ? :)

do not confuse your feelings with a company with an icon. one thing is
art and what other political reasons.


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