[ubuntu-art] Ann: An animation tool which may help artists.

Donn donn.ingle at gmail.com
Sun May 24 10:26:15 BST 2009

I have recently released a little python API that can do 2D vector animation. 

You don't have to think entirely in Python code because you can do all your 
artwork in Inkscape. Once that is done, you use Python to pull that artwork 
out and animate it by keyframes and tweening.

Things offers another twist which may be handy to you: You can export each 
frame to either PNG or SVG files. This lets you create Ajax throbbers, animated 
images by taking those files into some other process like imagemagick.
You could also import the files into other software; like Blender or video 

With Things you can:
1. Contain Things in other Things. Example: a bird flying -- the wings moving 
on a tween would be inside the Bird Thing which would in-turn be tweening 
along a path across the screen.
2. Follow paths.
3. Clip Things to any path.
4. Animate size, position, alpha, rotation and tint.
5. Detect the mouse --  buttons, drag/drop etc.
6. Display frames from 'loops' which you draw (each frame of) in Inkscape.
7. Draw any graphics that python-cairo is capable of. Including pango text, 
gradients, paths, images, etc.

So, the idea is to use Inkscape for the visual design and Things for the 
animation thereof. Once this is done, you could distribute your "thingum" 
script, or use the export feature to take the animation to other places.

If you visit the links in my sig, you will find the code, help for the API and 
a PDF tutorial. 

It's been written on *buntu GNU/Linux and it's probably best to try it on 
same. There are a few dependencies, but nothing you can't apt-get. The script 
will (I hope) help you locate what you need -- just run one of the demo 

It's early days, and there will be bugs, but it's quite nice to see it 
actually working.

Hope it helps,
home: http://otherwise.relics.co.za/wiki/Software/Things/

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