[ubuntu-art] [Breathe] some more bugs, with XFCE

Cory K. coryisatm at gmail.com
Tue May 19 02:53:43 BST 2009

Steve Dodier wrote:
> I noticed on the last screenshots on the mailing list that you were having
> equally sized -back and -forward icons in your file manager, etc. Here, the
> -back icon is oversized compared to the -bottom icon. I don't know the
> reason of it, but it's not really beautiful. Screenshot here :
> http://img514.imageshack.us/img514/1023/thunar.png

I gotta say I think Breathe might look better in Thunar. :)

In any case, this appears to be fixed here as of latest builds of the
packaging branch. (which *does not* inherit Human atm, but will for release)

-Cory K.

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