[ubuntu-art] extra wallpaper package for Karmic

Dylan McCall dylanmccall at gmail.com
Tue May 12 00:21:42 BST 2009

> Other operating systems offer an extra selection of desktop
> backgrounds to their users. Often they are based on different "themes"
> typically applied to photography (nature, for instance).
> For Karmic we would like to include a set of high quality desktop
> backgrounds which are organized according to a predefined set of
> adjectives which describe emotional atmospheres, slogans (so to speak)
> for the way an image makes you feel.
> In order to accomplish this we call on anyone and everyone to submit
> images which are freely licensed and follow the guidelines for
> inclusion.
> Let me know if you have any ideas for improving this idea, or if you'd
> like to help coordinate things, etc.
> Thanks,
> Ken

Awesome! Pinch me if I don't submit photos :)
Nice timing, too; this is the release that has sunny weather in its
development cycle!

I think it would really be fitting for Ubuntu to have, as one of its
"themes," a geographically diverse collection of photos to showcase its
international, borderless aspect. That's probably fairly obvious, but I
think it's important to avoid the touristy kind of diverse, like
pictures of big landmarks that one may take on a vacation. It would be
better to have pictures taken from the perspectives of people who /live/
in different places. Hopefully I haven't spoken absolute nonsense, and
hopefully something kind of distinctive could emerge :)

For the time being, I suggest having size guidelines in place and highly
Visible so people don't take awesome pictures but scale them to 800x600
or anything. (/me glares at Mark's space pictures :P)

Oh, and good move to adopt photography for wallpapers. Having a good
photo, even one with a single colour (I love Mars pictures) really
breathes a lot of life into the visuals without the eye-straining horror
that stems from a busy GTK theme, for example.
Any hints if something like that will be in the default install, or is
it going to be strictly an optional package?

Dylan McCall

PS: Also with the thought of having more downloadable visual fun stuff
in the repositories, it would be nice to see extra themes and wallpapers
get a home in gnome-app-install. ...Maybe with their own category?
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