[ubuntu-art] ubuntu-art Digest, Vol 47, Issue 35

Thorsten Wilms t_w_ at freenet.de
Fri May 8 17:45:10 BST 2009

On Fri, 2009-05-08 at 11:18 -0500, solaris manzur wrote:
> excuse me but those breath icons are HORRIBLE for Gnome, it would be
> good for KDE but gnome needs tango icons style, like gnome-color,
> please I have just apply the new breathe icon set to gnome and they
> look horrible

First of all, if you want to talk with us, you should disable digest
mode, so you can reply in threads.

Also, you should never start a new thread by replying to mail from the
list. It breaks the sorting by thread if you do.

Always write a Subject line that gives an idea of what your mail is
about (similar to headlines in newspapers).

More importantly:
Nobody here should care for your unfounded opinion. You can't just say
"this is bad" and "that is good" and expect to be taken seriously.

It's just not acceptable that you call the many hours of work of now 3
artist "HORRIBLE" without any further explanation. If you don't like it,
you don't like, but you have to understand that your personal taste is
just that.

I have to ask you to change your ways or to remain silent.

Thorsten Wilms

thorwil's design for free software:

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