[ubuntu-art] [Breathe] New submissions (May 6th 2009)

Cory K. coryisatm at gmail.com
Wed May 6 23:41:15 BST 2009

Oliver Scholtz wrote:
> Am Mittwoch, den 06.05.2009, 17:52 -0400 schrieb Cory K.:
>> Ok then. Oliver please remove what is *not* going to be used and I will
>> upload these with the nav and mail updates.
> I think that tangonish (outline) in 16x16 is always the better desicion
> if posible. ;)

I grabbed them. Uploading soon.

> - Transmission is a nice new candidate. It's similar to oxygen, but our
> own work.

I'm not feeling it personally, and I am increasingly feeling that using
the Oxygen icons as a base is clashing with Sebastien's current style.

> - gkt-media: media-eject, pause, start, stop, record can be taken as
> "try out", too. ;)

Once "media-skip-forward" is done I'll upload.

> - document-new, folder new are sure canditates, too. Of course, if you
> like the new glymph. ;) (Edit-cut: here I think the outline could be a
> little bit stronger in 22x22 and 16x16.)

I want to get a set of glyphs done before we proceed.

> Shadow: Even Sebastian uses *different* shadows. **Depend of the kind**
> of icon different shadows are needed. The handmark and style of every
> artist is always different.

Regardless, you have to copy him as close as possible. You do this hard
cut-off thing to your shadows that really stands out in contrast to
Sebastien's or even Oliver's. Just look at the wiki now. "list-remove"
vs. "media-eject"

This is one thing I will not let go. They *must* be consistent
regardless of artistic expression.I will now have to go through the
current icons and make a list of what needs to be changed. I think I'll
have to stop uploads until this audit is done. I should have pushed
harder on this sooner.

So I think Oliver's work most matches the soft realism of Sebastien's
while Daniel's has that sharper KDE feel to me. And I think this is the
*heavy* use of them as a base.

I really think we're having language issues here as I know I've said
similar things in the past. I feel it's not getting through. Is it
better to continue and just get stuff made or take a break to step back
and evaluate?

-Cory K.

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