[ubuntu-art] [Breathe] preferences-system-indexed, search, and zoom

Oliver Scholtz 1 scholli_tz at yahoo.de
Sun May 3 12:58:19 BST 2009

Am Sonntag, den 03.05.2009, 07:47 -0400 schrieb Cory K.:
> To me, the magnifying glasses need to be consistent across the set. I
> think it's a pain to keep re-creating work. You guys (artists) work this
> one out. I'm not uploading anything until there's a consensus on what
> glass to use.
> -Cory K.

For me zoom-out2 is modern *:)*, smooth and not tango-nish. But it's
only my proposition ... what Sebastian, Daniel and peoples finally
decides isn't in my hand. ;)


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