[ubuntu-art] what colour-palette to use for karmic

Thorsten Wilms t_w_ at freenet.de
Sun May 3 11:08:00 BST 2009

On Sun, 2009-05-03 at 10:32 +0100, Odysseus Flappington wrote:

> According to one of the blogs on the planet
> (http://www.lamalex.net/2009/05/chasing-the-white-whale-the-year-of-the-linux-desktop-and-new-ubuntu-theme/),
> Mark Shuttleworth has now hinted that there's a good chance it won't
> change at all in the next release:
> it has taken a long, long time to pull together a design team
> i had hoped to have that team in place six months ago, but it’s still forming
> i think we will make good progress in the next cycle
> you can already see a few things that have borne fruit from that team
> notifications, time zone selector in installer, etc
> but it’s fragmentary
> i’m pretty darn confident we’ll have a new look for 10.04
> but i think only pieces of that will emerge for 9.10

I just recently brought up the same snippet, only I took it directly
from the Open Week IRC log. It's generally a good idea to read the list
you want to post to ;)

> For anyone wondering what colour-palette to use, I think it's probably
> a good idea to stick with the current orange/brown, and deal with any
> changes that might arrive once an official announcement is made on
> what the new one will actually be if there will be a new one at all.

I strongly disagree. If one thinks orange/brown is just fine, use it. If
you want to explore other options, go for it.

We don't get to work on default artwork, so why should we feel bound to
a predefined palette? Especially since Mark stated that "Brown has
served us well" but other options will be considered for Karmic Koala:

Experience tells us that it is not a good idea to wait for Canonical.

Thorsten Wilms

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