[ubuntu-art] [Breathe] Some wiki cleanup is needed + notes.

Oliver Scholtz 1 scholli_tz at yahoo.de
Sat May 2 00:04:54 BST 2009

Am Freitag, den 01.05.2009, 17:18 -0400 schrieb Cory K.:
> The Submissions page is getting a bit crowded and I like to ask artists
> to go through and remove multiple versions of submissions where there
> has already been discussion pushing us toward a direction.
> I also need the cleanup done and any of my questions answered (in
> previous emails) so I can make a massive upload this weekend.
>     @Daniel: I'm diggin' the Nav icons and they will go in this weekend.
>     The "mail series are looking nice as well.

I don't know if we can do it so soon. I already haven't fixed them. What
I mean you see if you open a svg-file of them and look for the
"plate" ... yes you wouldn't find nothing. ;)
I want fix it ...

>  Though, I'm unsure about
>     the "new" and "unread" glyphs. Especially where the "new" glyph is
>     used on the folder.

We talk always to much ... finally we have more confusing and breaks in
the fluid of creation. Glyphs are changeable. Some sketches of ideas
would be nice, because with say "I'm unsure ..." don't helps a lot. How
we now in wich kind of glyphs are you thinking!? ;)
But at the moment we can *take* it till we get the final decission?

>  Lastly, I'd like you to look over the "network
>     pipe" you have under your folder idea. See if we can soften it up a
>     little. And remember the shadow for the folder might have to change
>     here. ;)
>     @Oliver: Please finish up the final 3 "media-*" icons.

I can't till I am not sure the rest is 100%. At moment it isn't.
If I feel well with the rest the finish up goes quickly.

>  I'm unsure
>     about the coloring on the "view-refresh" icons coloring.

In what colour you thought? The base is here ... :)

>  I also want
>     to get Sebastien's view on the "zoom" set. The lens doesn't sit
>     right with me and the weight of the symbols doesn't feel consistent
>     across the set.

If you go this kind: 48-32-22-16 not. But if you compare it with
in-out-original-bestfit-48 - in-out-original-bestfit-32 etc. ... yes. ;)
I never saw them nicer so far and the symbols inside are markant and
very good seeable. This is very important - I think.

In this kind of icons I have experience and many hours of anger... It's
very very dificult to get them better. ;)

>     @Sebastian: Along with removing unneeded icons I like the "modem" so
>     far. Go with it. I also was wondering if you wanted to try your hand
>     at a "tilted" version of your keyboard for use in front of our
>     "computer" icon? Hell, As much ad I like our current screen, I'm
>     open to suggestions here if someone wants to tinker with some ideas.

Yepp, the modem is well ... ;)

> So if we can take care of some of the stuff above I think we can have a
> big influx of new icons this weekend.
> Have fun.
> -Cory K.

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