[ubuntu-art] New Wave 0.8.0 for Ubuntu

Anton Kerezov ankere at gmail.com
Wed Mar 18 17:54:39 GMT 2009

В 10:23 -0700 на 18.03.2009 (ср), Akshay Dua написа:
> I have two observations :) (sorry, just want to help). 
> 1) The gnome panels seem a little flat, it would be nice to see them
> have some depth.
> 2) A rounded text box in the panel gets surrounded by straight edges.
> So there is this white border around it (I am talking about the
> dictionary applet). 

Thank you for the feedback. 

1) It would be nice indeed but the image used for panels could not be
stretched due to limitation of Gnome. So I'm using one universal image
for top/bottom and all sized panels. If I make a highlight at the top of
the image for the bottom panel it would be ugly in the top panel. i
think that the panels "stand out" by their darker color and in the same
time are usable.

2) This is also a problem with GTK because the text control could not
have transparent backgrounds (the white pixels left) thus I'm using the
most appropriate color for the control to fit it's usual (light grey or
white) background. You cannot see this in clearlooks because the panel
is light. Also the pixmap engine is known for not such a great
flexibility when it comes to integration and merging of widgets.

Probably it is possible to make a exception matching for textboxes in
panels but that would not solve the problem on other dark backrounds.


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