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Thu Feb 12 22:22:47 GMT 2009

I agree with the shade ideas you have and am continuing to use brown/gold  
themed background idea because it really looks sharp with a darker theme in  
compiz and the dust theme I saw in Intrepid. It even looks good with the  
light themes as well and can simply be filtered to make a Kubuntu or  
Xubuntu background.


On Feb 12, 2009 4:54pm, Jonathan Blackhall <johnny.one.eye at gmail.com> wrote:
> I see from the pdf that you're specifying #FFA443 as the active window  
decoration color. I assume that means that the current theme will be  
carried into Jaunty. Is there any plan for Canonical to change (or accept  
suggestions for changes to) that color specifically in the near future? I'm  
not saying give up on orange and brown, but I feel like that particular  
shade draws ire from the masses who like to complain that the default  
Ubuntu colors are ugly. Orange and brown themes can actually be made to  
look fairly nice if done correctly, but I'm not sure how well if Canonical  
insists on specifying the exact shade that many people dislike.
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