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Fri Dec 18 02:33:18 GMT 2009

t uses css. If you download gnome-shell right now=2C in /usr/share/gnome-sh=
ell/theme there are some png's=2C svg's and a css file. The pictures in the=
re are used in the interface and the css file contains theme information. I=
 have it pasted here: . I'm hoping that thi=
s will make the interface easier to customise.


You would think that after all these years=2C there would be a more humane =
way of making themes. :P I feel it's unnecessarily complex. I'm no programm=
er=2C so I'm just gonna throw this out there: Will 3 (Shell) feature a non-=
idiotic way of making themes?

Thank youIceman

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font-size: 10pt=3B
<body class=3D'hmmessage'>

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