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Fri Dec 18 02:33:18 GMT 2009

it looks more simple, and may have a better impact on new users of
ubuntu (ok, not so helpful so far ;) ).

Some comments on it :
- I'm not sure about the mouse pointer on the Ubuntu logo. It's not
specific to version c, but from my point of view, the logo without the
pointer would be better. the pointer suggest that the logo is a
button. But as the button is the logo, you can't change it, and
finally can't really suggest it actually is a button. I think I
understand your idea (Do you suggest something like : "Ubuntu, just
click and run ?")
- On version c, maybe the aubergine area (the one on the top) would be
better at the bottom of the page (like version d and e, in fact). The
new design is not really clear so far, but at least, the new web theme
presents more orange at the top, and looks more aubergine at the
bottom of the page (this might also be my personal perception)

I'm not very fond of the dots version. But maybe I didn't get what
byou wanted to express.

Hope these 2 cents are helpful :).

Gilles (aka Poupoul2)
Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre

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