[ubuntu-art] Backgrounds Wiki Policy (was: Human Helix)

Kenneth Wimer kwwii at ubuntu.com
Thu Dec 3 18:53:08 GMT 2009

On Thursday 03 December 2009 07:42:14 pm Chris Tooley wrote:
> > My other concern is that I never again want to deal the wiki surge
> > protection warning.
> This is a great thing IMO. I remember trying to upload to the wiki and
> getting multiple surge protection warnings, as well as when I  was
> just trying to view the other submissions...
> The only problem with flickr is that people without pro accounts are
> limited to a non-current-desktop resolution size.. Would the desktop
> selectors care about those size issues? Are they able to contact
> flickr users to request larger sizes?

We included any size for the first round. Then we emailed everyone to get 
permission, larger sizes, etc.

I think that the wiki should be used more for project pages. So if you really 
want to have an ongoing discussion in which several people take part and work 
together toward some design goal the wiki is the place for you.

The backgrounds are best kept in one place and currently flickr is simply the 
best free alternative we have that already draws large numbers of 


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