[ubuntu-art] Dust menubar evolution

Anton Kerezov ankere at gmail.com
Tue Sep 16 18:47:38 BST 2008

В 22:34 +0530 на 16.09.2008 (вт), Bharat Varma написа:
> Hi,
> Just got the new version of Dust available on the wiki installed on my
> box. I like the improvements made. 
> I just want to put the following out there - 
> All of you guys who have put in work on New Wave, Kin and Dust - job
> well done. To the purpose of serving as an inspiration for how Ubuntu
> can look, you have done exceedingly well. There is always scope for
> improvement, but your work has a lot of implications on the goal which
> sabdfl put for Ubuntu - beat OSX in terms of aesthetics and looks.
> Congratulations.
> Bharat Varma

Thanks for the good words!


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