[ubuntu-art] Dust menubar evolution

Thomas L.G thomlie at online.no
Tue Sep 16 13:13:26 BST 2008

Adam Gusztav Nagy skrev:
> and looking at the soft gradients on the toolbars on this screenshot, i
> would say they look good, much better than the ones with those strong
> gradients. i like the new ones, i hope the others will do eighter.
> Adam

Yes the new version of DustTheme available on the wiki looks better, 
especially when I change the brownish hilight color to grey ;)

I still would want to change the hover on the min/max/close-buttons tho. 
The glow is too obvious, and maybe it should be possible to change the 
color? I'm currently using a grey/blueish setup, brown kinda breaks it...

And maybe a version with left aligned titles? I think the centered text 
with the icon looks a bit weird (the title now looks a bit 'off' 
compared to the menubar), but I understand it's useful for certain 

Anyways, good work so far

- Thomas

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