[ubuntu-art] What is the art team?

Dylan McCall dylanmccall at gmail.com
Thu Sep 11 22:22:15 BST 2008

> Odysseus Flappington wrote:
> > I think just by slotting in the word 'community' into the definition,
> > you're already implying that you aren't affiliated with Ubuntu
> > officially, and have no decision making power in regards to the
> > default theme.
> Is this a problem for you or anyone?

I do find this a bit of a problem. I like the idea (no, /love/ the
idea!) of a diverse community themes pack. I also think that people
should create a lot of high quality themes for that package and not
always aim at taking top slot as default theme. Of course, community
themes are still Ubuntu themes so would ideally follow the palette.

With lots of open source projects, I get the distinct impression that
artwork is based on a totally different set of rules than code. Case
in point, Mozilla and that Iceweasel fiasco -- largely because Debian
wanted to use completely free artwork.

Over here in Ubuntu, I think it is an issue that the theme work and
theme decision making is very quiet. I'm not saying that it isn't
open, because Ken does just fine answering questions. (Besides that,
it ultimately boils down to - paraphrasing - "nobody can explain it,
but Mark just has naturally good taste in colours"). However, when
people think of the official theme as detached from the community
here, we run the risk of a situation developing just like Mozilla's.
With art, the community contributes ideas, and -- just like with code
-- those ideas occasionally find their way into official work when the
maintainers like them. The difference here is that those ideas tend to
be just ideas rather than measurable "things" (eg: specific changes to
an options dialog).

It would help if the folks behind the default theme were a little bit
more inclusing visible about their own work there, just like the
different groups working on community themes. That would help reduce
some confusion here with regards to what is being done, it would be
more productive and it would give the art development that touch of
openness it needs. "The default theme" would stop being some kind of
looming Goliath figure and simply be a part amongst us mortals.


PS: The reason I am keeping in touch, by the way, (being that I am not
much of a visual artist), is because there is no telling when
something I am working on wants an icon or a mockup or a diagram. The
Ubuntu art team is the place to go for creativity and graphics! Oh,
and I'm nosy ;)

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