[ubuntu-art] Main Menu can be themed separately in Ibex

Anton Kerezov ankere at gmail.com
Thu Sep 11 17:58:49 BST 2008


As of gnome 2.24 and Ubuntu 8.10 the Main menu can be themed separately
than the rest of the menus. So if you have dark menus with white text it
will be possible to do light Main menu with dark text . That's thanks to
benzea and vuntz form the gnome-art community. I contacted them today
and asked for help with New Wave Main menu colors. Thy were very
generous and committed a patch in gnome that is making the separate
themeing possible.

The theme mechanism is done with the name of the Main menu widget which
will be "gnome-panel-main-menu" and using of the widget function:

widget "*.gnome-panel-main-menu" style "my-theme-style"

This is similar to the way you would match the combo-box menu:

widget "*.gtk-combobox-popup-menu"  style :highest

Unfortunately test can be done after Ubuntu includes the fix in the next
alpha. But this will help out to the guys who create dark themes and
want the Main menu to be lighter or with different design.


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