[ubuntu-art] Breathe generic/blank + image emblems proposal

Danny King dannyking at gmail.com
Thu Oct 2 13:22:08 BST 2008

> Din A series format, nice :)

Yes, I gave it the exact dimensions of A4 so hopefully it will look accurate.

> Interesting idea. I would use fewer color fields for the GIF them
> though.
> - landscape photography, smooth with gradients, for JPG
> - just a few colors in a grid for GIF
> - some kind of poster with a cut-out shape in front of a checkerboard
> (like used by GIMP and PS to show transparency)

Good ideas, I'll try them out.

> But where do these actually appear, instead of image thumbnails?

I think image thumbnails are the only place for this type of icon.
Most people probably wouldn't see them because they have nautilus set
to have image previews (I know I do!). Just playing around really :)

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