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> > On 30/09/2008, Eric Appleman <erappleman at gmail.com> wrote:
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> >> If we keep bitching and moaning, then we might as well deserve to be
> >> stuck with Human (Murrine) as our default.
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> >> - Eric
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> > There's a point where bitching and moaning becomes unproductive. But at
> > the
> > same time, realizing that Ubuntu has received a lot of hype regarding the
> > new theme for probably a year now, and you don't let something like that
> > get
> > so hyped up and then expect everyone not to notice when you don't fulfill
> > the expectation.
> >
> > Every single article, review and assessment of Ubuntu lately have
> promoted
> > the idea that we would be receiving a new theme soon, and that hype is
> > something that Ubuntu and Canonical have benefitted from. It's something
> > we've all benefitted from as Ubuntu users.
> >
> > And all this time, not one officially affiliated Ubuntu/Canonical
> > community
> > member has disputed the introduction of the new theme in Intrepid. Hype,
> > publicity and media is a dangerous thing and can backfire on you very
> > easily. I personally think it would be a very bad PR move by
> > Canonical/Ubuntu not to come through on the new theme, since it is
> > dangerous
> > to mismanage your users expectations so badly.
> >
> > You or I may be able to say, whatever, I'll install my own theme. But I'm
> > not sure that I can promote and advocate a product with which I
> personally
> > am unhappy how my own expectations have been managed.
> >
> > I personally am very much hoping though, that this is a ballsy PR move,
> > and
> > that they're going to wait till everyone's completely up in arms about
> it,
> > and then come through with a winning move. If that's the case, risky, but
> > respect since they're taking the game to another level :P
> >
> > Alex
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> Hello,
> first short introduction, because this is my first post in this conference.
> My name is Vit Svarc, I am 27 years old and I am from Czech Republic.I
> suppose as everybody here, I love Ubuntu.
> Now tho the topic - I can agree. I signed up into this conference, because
> I was curios, how the new theme will look like. I couldn't find any
> offical information about this.
> I am watching all discussions since two weeks, and I have to say that I am
> very confused, what is happening here.
> I thought that three weeks before final release, there has to be something
> done, and only small bugs will be fixed before final release.
> From that what I understood, the Dust theme will not be offical theme (?),
> and there is no discussion about any other themes.
> The offical page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Intrepid looks
> also very confusing to me, normal user can't understand, what will be in
> the official release, and what not.
> Then, the curious user downloads the alpha CD or live build to see, what
> is happening with the look, and there is no change.
> The same is for the icon theme, default fonts, color schemas, etc.
> So the present situation is very confusing, everyone expect the last
> offical information, which was - Ubuntu 8.04 will not come with the new
> look because LTS release, the new look will be moved into II 8.10.
> That is what I read in all articles about ubuntu releases.
> If it is not like this, someone should somewhere say/write, what is the
> present situation, why it is not like it was presented before, and when
> the new look really come.
> I thought, that Ubuntu Artwork team is the responsible team for doing this.
> Sorry if I am wrong.
> Best regards
> Vit Svarc
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We aren't the official art team, that is left to Canonical and their team of
professional artists. We work on community themes and wallpapers, and if
Mark likes one of our themes, he will use it. There still might be a new
theme which gets added before the beta is released, but I doubt that the
professional art team got it done on time.
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