[ubuntu-art] Breathe user-trash

Danny King dannyking at gmail.com
Wed Oct 1 14:21:10 BST 2008

> Thank you all for your comments.
> I updated the wiki with a new icon for user-trash-full.
> A little note, for some reason the preview images doesn't show the right
> shadow at the bottom (looks very bad) and I don't know why. Maybe I'm doing
> something wrong with Inkscape, although the SVG files looks fine.
> Also, I add a gray (almost black) version just for show.

Nice work, I really like your full trash icon. You have to be careful
with heavily blurred objects in Inkscape because the blurring actually
won't be exported unless the entire lot is within the exportable
region, and sometimes it's hard to tell if it is (the blur is larger
than the shape that you apply it to).

 I suggest making the shadow smaller and more subtle. Use a little as
you can get away with and build up from there (I think it would look
more realistic?)

Great work, keep it coming!

- Danny King of Gleaming Pixel Web Design.

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