[ubuntu-art] Let the disappointments begin?

Odysseus Flappington deriziotis at gmail.com
Wed Oct 1 13:46:48 BST 2008

On 30/09/2008, Eric Appleman <erappleman at gmail.com> wrote:
> If we keep bitching and moaning, then we might as well deserve to be
> stuck with Human (Murrine) as our default.
> - Eric
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There's a point where bitching and moaning becomes unproductive. But at the
same time, realizing that Ubuntu has received a lot of hype regarding the
new theme for probably a year now, and you don't let something like that get
so hyped up and then expect everyone not to notice when you don't fulfill
the expectation.

Every single article, review and assessment of Ubuntu lately have promoted
the idea that we would be receiving a new theme soon, and that hype is
something that Ubuntu and Canonical have benefitted from. It's something
we've all benefitted from as Ubuntu users.

And all this time, not one officially affiliated Ubuntu/Canonical community
member has disputed the introduction of the new theme in Intrepid. Hype,
publicity and media is a dangerous thing and can backfire on you very
easily. I personally think it would be a very bad PR move by
Canonical/Ubuntu not to come through on the new theme, since it is dangerous
to mismanage your users expectations so badly.

You or I may be able to say, whatever, I'll install my own theme. But I'm
not sure that I can promote and advocate a product with which I personally
am unhappy how my own expectations have been managed.

I personally am very much hoping though, that this is a ballsy PR move, and
that they're going to wait till everyone's completely up in arms about it,
and then come through with a winning move. If that's the case, risky, but
respect since they're taking the game to another level :P

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