[ubuntu-art] Response to Some People...

Salane Ashcraft salane89 at gmail.com
Mon May 26 21:47:57 BST 2008

Ubuntu artists-
My mockup has been accused of a lot of things.

First off, the panels are not windows like. I am in Vista right now, and
they look nothing alike.
The menu is nothing but the Gnome main menu with a search feature, something
that various Linux distributions have had for years.
The icons? I do believe that these min max close icons are nothing but
simple shapes. Vista has them all in a bar, and are set in color changing
boxes. Mine would simply highlight and change color.
It isnt even brown anymore! I am using Safari right now, and it isnt a copy.
Many OS's have had unified icon buttons...

Try being more constructive and educated with comparing this with OS X or

Also, this is possible without Compiz. many people have done certain
elements of this, and I will try my best to put them together.

Salane Ashcraft
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