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Mario Viviani mariux01 at gmail.com
Mon May 26 22:33:15 BST 2008

Il giorno lun, 26/05/2008 alle 15.47 -0500, Salane Ashcraft ha scritto:

> Ubuntu artists-
> My mockup has been accused of a lot of things. 
> First off, the panels are not windows like. I am in Vista right now,
> and they look nothing alike. 
> The menu is nothing but the Gnome main menu with a search feature,
> something that various Linux distributions have had for years. 
> The icons? I do believe that these min max close icons are nothing but
> simple shapes. Vista has them all in a bar, and are set in color
> changing boxes. Mine would simply highlight and change color.
> It isnt even brown anymore! I am using Safari right now, and it isnt a
> copy. Many OS's have had unified icon buttons... 
> Try being more constructive and educated with comparing this with OS X
> or Vista.
> Also, this is possible without Compiz. many people have done certain
> elements of this, and I will try my best to put them together.
> Salane Ashcraft

I'm sorry if some of my comparisons offended you, i absolutely didn't
intended to. I think you're doing a great job indeed! And of course i'm
sure you are not copying other OS... in fact that was me that suggested
in the comments of your Project Wiki page the min-max-close icons, and i
think your theme earned coolnes from them. So, peace! ;-)

Mario V.
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