[ubuntu-art] New Wave

Anton Kerezov ankere at gmail.com
Fri May 9 21:11:09 BST 2008

В 21:55 +0200 на 09.05.2008 (пт), Giuseppe Pennisi написа:
> Yes, I agree with you. It can be very nice. But the engine must be
> modified. 
> However I think that this theme is becoming increasingly pleasant. :-)
> Giuseppe P.
> ps: I upgraded the wiki.

Giuseppe can you please remove the close up screenshot version of the
wiki, because if you want to see it closer you can click FullSize on the
others and see it.

I propose you to only include your Metacity folder in archive and have
different version such as 0.2 (lower than the theme because started
later) and We (You , Francois, and I) will pack it together in the
section for the Emerald+Compiz (that is because the user is confised
what to downlaod now (newwer version only for metacity ? in metacity


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