[ubuntu-art] New Wave

Giuseppe Pennisi giupenni78 at gmail.com
Fri May 9 15:28:29 BST 2008

I upgraded Metacity to fix the active\inactive window.

With compiz not enabled Metacity theme is displayed in this way:



With compiz enabled Metacity theme is displayed in this way:



The transparency of the titlebar for metacity is due because of the
compiz setup.
IMHO it's not bad. However, fundamentally, if compiz is enabled the
people can to use Emarald, right?
Fundamentally Metacity is for those who can not use Emerald.
(Otherwise we can change the compiz setup)

For insert the gtkrc+metacity in wiki, wich version number should I use?
I modified only 'style "metacity-frame"' in the gtkrc file, because the
bg[SELECTED] color of metacity-frame style must be the same of
bg[NORMAL] of menubar.

....I continue to work on it... :-)


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