[ubuntu-art] New Wave

Giuseppe Pennisi giupenni78 at gmail.com
Wed May 7 16:26:17 BST 2008

Anto ha scritto:
> ?Giuseppe Pennisi wrote:
> > ?Very Nice.
> > I think that it's the right way to make the new theme for Intrepid.
> > 
> > If I want to try the theme, where can I download it?
> > 
> > But this theme is only for Compiz ?
> > 
> > gp 
> I attach the theme pack with all necessary files to make your PC look
> like the one at the screenshots.
I confirm that for me it's the best way to develop the future Ubuntu

> Not only for compiz but uses it if you have it (compiz comes
> preinstalled on Ubuntu 7.04, 7.10 and 8.04 LTS). So don't worry about
> that. You will also need to use emerald. If it is not started you can
> run it by typing that in a terminal window or in the run dialog (Alt
> +F2,
> that is better):
Yes. My question was not this but if, or how to use Emerald. 
But my question was if the same theme can be applied without Emerald. 
I noted that the NewWave window decoration can be applied only with
Emerald because is not present the same decoration for Metacity.
Without the Emerald window decoration the theme is not exactly the same thing.
A good idea can be to make a Metacity theme similar to Emerald.


ps: sorry for my non good English. :-)

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