[ubuntu-art] New Wave

François Degrave fdegrave at gmail.com
Wed May 7 11:01:51 BST 2008

Anton Kerezov a écrit :
> Hi
> I finally figured out how to implement the unfocused windows. I actually
> did not implement anything it was all there in Compiz-Fusion, a plug-in
> called trailfocus. The results were quite good for me and I think that
> we made another step up to out target image in the wiki.
> Preview: 
> http://img238.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=97606_NewWave_test_05_122_454lo.jpg
> The plug-in though has to be polished a bit but I think right know is
> pretty good.
> Any comments?
> Cheers,
> Anton
Hi Anton!

I tried your theme today. It is great! However, I have some suggestions. 
In http://www/~fde/NewWave_suggestions.jpg , I modified the main things 
I noticed; I don't know if it is technically possible to implement!

1) The gradient of the windows bar looks quite strange, because it is 
applied only in the inferior half of the bar (the menubar), not on the 
total width. Would it be possible to make it like on the image?

2) The font with a shadow in the bar looks very outdated. I suggest we 
use a font without a shadow. The one you see in this image ("Totem Video 
Player") is Free Sans, without any transformation.

3) I'm not sure about the transparency on the bar of the active window. 
Maybe we should keep it solid.

4) The icons for closing, minimize, etc. are not bad, but I don't like 
the one at the left (in Metacity, this one is the icon of the 
application used. We should keep this). The ones at the right are nice 
but we should -- maybe, not sure -- apply to them a light gradient, to 
make them really "part" of the bar. You can also try other icons (I put 
an example of a simple cross).

5) Could it be possible to make the down corners as round as the top 
ones? Also, could you let me see how it looks without the thin dark gray 
line of the bottom?

6) Still the thing about not active windows... Too bad we cannot make 
the top bar/menu bar really flat, the whole window in the same piece. 
Inactive windows of the current default theme of Ubuntu look a bit like 

7) Don't know if it is possible but it would be great if we could also 
apply a really light gradient on the entire light gray window, like in 
the initial mockup.

8) In the bar -- both windows bar and task bar (particularly the 
taskbar, in fact) --, I'd like to see a light (not too light, though) 
gray internal border. Here is what I mean: 
But that's really a detail, no? :-)

Ok, that's all for the moment!

I got an answer to my request in Compiz forum:

It seems they are working on a new window manager, but I fear it won't 
be ready soon...



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