[ubuntu-art] New Wave

Anton Kerezov ankere at gmail.com
Wed May 7 11:34:54 BST 2008

В 12:01 +0200 на 07.05.2008 (ср), François Degrave написа:
> Anton Kerezov a écrit :
> > Hi
> >
> > I finally figured out how to implement the unfocused windows. I actually
> > did not implement anything it was all there in Compiz-Fusion, a plug-in
> > called trailfocus. The results were quite good for me and I think that
> > we made another step up to out target image in the wiki.
> >
> > Preview: 
> > http://img238.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=97606_NewWave_test_05_122_454lo.jpg
> >
> > The plug-in though has to be polished a bit but I think right know is
> > pretty good.
> >
> > Any comments?
> >
> > Cheers,
> >
> > Anton
> Hi Anton!
> I tried your theme today. It is great! However, I have some suggestions. 
> In http://www/~fde/NewWave_suggestions.jpg , I modified the main things 
> I noticed; I don't know if it is technically possible to implement!

The url redirects to www.com . Is it correct or I'm doing smth wrong?

When I see the images I could comment on the rest of the email.

> 1) The gradient of the windows bar looks quite strange, because it is 
> applied only in the inferior half of the bar (the menubar), not on the 
> total width. Would it be possible to make it like on the image?
> 2) The font with a shadow in the bar looks very outdated. I suggest we 
> use a font without a shadow. The one you see in this image ("Totem Video 
> Player") is Free Sans, without any transformation.
> 3) I'm not sure about the transparency on the bar of the active window. 
> Maybe we should keep it solid.
> 4) The icons for closing, minimize, etc. are not bad, but I don't like 
> the one at the left (in Metacity, this one is the icon of the 
> application used. We should keep this). The ones at the right are nice 
> but we should -- maybe, not sure -- apply to them a light gradient, to 
> make them really "part" of the bar. You can also try other icons (I put 
> an example of a simple cross).
> 5) Could it be possible to make the down corners as round as the top 
> ones? Also, could you let me see how it looks without the thin dark gray 
> line of the bottom?
> 6) Still the thing about not active windows... Too bad we cannot make 
> the top bar/menu bar really flat, the whole window in the same piece. 
> Inactive windows of the current default theme of Ubuntu look a bit like 
> that.
> 7) Don't know if it is possible but it would be great if we could also 
> apply a really light gradient on the entire light gray window, like in 
> the initial mockup.
> 8) In the bar -- both windows bar and task bar (particularly the 
> taskbar, in fact) --, I'd like to see a light (not too light, though) 
> gray internal border. Here is what I mean: 
> http://www/~fde/NewWaveDetail.png
> But that's really a detail, no? :-)
> Ok, that's all for the moment!
> I got an answer to my request in Compiz forum:
> http://forum.compiz-fusion.org/showthread.php?p=56943#post56943
> It seems they are working on a new window manager, but I fear it won't 
> be ready soon...
> Cheers,
> François


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