[ubuntu-art] gtk theme

Andrea Cimitan cimi86 at alice.it
Tue Mar 4 15:22:09 GMT 2008

You cannot rename human theme from ubuntulooks to murrine/clearlooks and
blame about those gtk-engines.
A theme should be written from scratch with an engine in mind, these are
probably the weird themes I have seen in years :)
Even ubuntulooks, which is one of the less-liked gtk-engine, seems a way
better than both clearlooks and murrine.

I really hope these and derivates will NEVER be part of ubuntu.

If you want those engines, you should tweak the color palette, with
shadings and some hue changes. Or stick to ubuntulooks, which uses
colors in a *fake* way (I mean that it does what it wants, bg[SELECTED]
is used for the prelight, for example...).

If you want great themes, maybe following Tangerine's palette (much more
adaptable to a gtk theme), I have few great ones.


Il giorno lun, 03/03/2008 alle 12.29 +0100, Kenneth Wimer ha scritto:
> Hi all,
> I guess that everyone noticed the change in gtk theme (we are using murrine at 
> the moment). I also included a clearlooks theme as well and we'll test that 
> in a couple of days). Both themes definitely need improvement if they are 
> going to replace Ubuntu Looks which, although it does have minor bugs, has a 
> definte look and is quite well polished. With an eye to the future, here is a 
> list of +'s and -'s for each theme. In many cases the -'s can be easily 
> solved ...feel free to help :-)
>   Human Ubuntu Looks (#1):
>    - lines between menu bar, toolbars and windows are bad; but we don't
>      have to get rid of them just yet
>    + we like the obviously ticked checkboxes and radio buttons
>    + and that the tick from the checkbox is larger than the box
>    - toggle button doesn't share the obviousness
>    + liked the markers in the progress bars
>    + liked the inset tray look of sliders
>    + liked the filled insides of sliders
>    + liked the prelight colour of scrollbars
>    + liked tab colours and no gradient
>    + selected/active light orange bg (menu's, etc) color is perfect 
>    Human Clearlooks (#2):
>    - menubar different colour to everything else
>    - gradient buttons instead of glossy
>    - no prelight of scrollbars
>    - no colour inside sliders
>    - checkboxes not obviously checked
>    + but toggle buttons are much more obvious
>    - don't like tab gradients
>    + but colour is ok
>    - progress bars look like tanks, no markers
>    Human Murrine (#3):
>    - lines between menu bar and toolbars, and toolbars and rest of
>      window; not urgent to remove
>    ? menu bar is very strange
>    + but the menus themselves look great with the gutter
>    - quite square in shape, rounded is more pleasing to the eye
>    - progress bars are tanks, no markers, and not inset
>    - sliders also not inset
>    + but filled
>    + obviously checked
>    - but white
>    - toggle button isn't obvious at all, quite nasty in fact
>    + tabs have no gradient and gutter colours
>    - no scrollbar prelight
>    - entire scrollbar coloured

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