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Nemes Sorin nemes.sorin at gmail.com
Wed Jul 30 04:01:47 BST 2008


that is what I talk about, few times ago, here on this forum ..this kind 
of "pro-cons" keep me out a bit,  being ... somewhat disappointed.

I prefer to work quick - on clear objectives - on a recent post I 
reaffirmed idea of 'teams' with different objectives - but on a common, 
planned, concentrated effort...  No  any response ;) on subject.

Here too much pro and contra and bla-bla.

So maybe the best thing is to organize spaces ( being on Bazaar or 
Launchpad ) for various kind of tasks and who  wanna do something - they 
can go on the specific place.


The best thing you can do now - is to request a response form members ( 
just informal ) - which one - where can help with his / her expertize / 
skills. This way you can have a better idea  about who can really help 
with something and who just talk. Just in case. Peoples with skills will 
help - but is hard for them to self organize things here because they 
come after their work hours and they expect to see something clear to 
follow - not to get more nerves.

Anyway, following discussions here - from time to time - I can see some 
progress - slow but visible - last months peoples start to create 
materials - and they get better. But i'm afraid this process is too slow 
to be ready on time.

Kenneth Wimer wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've had my head up a time-zone map for the last couple of days (it went so 
> far as to require a new computer). Sorry if it seemed like I was gone, I was 
> really there but just acting like a zombie...mockups made in free time this 
> weekend coming soon :-)
> I'd like to touch on a few issues directly in response to the general 
> discussion, not all of which were included in this thread but all of which 
> are certainly pertainant to the matter.
> I use the word artwork later, it almost hurts me to do so. What we lack, more 
> than anything else, is the framework to do something amazing.
> The art teams goal is to produce artwork which one can use in ubuntu. 
> Basically, this means creating installable debian packages for ubuntu linux 
> which include artwork and configuration information to create a distinct look 
> and feel based on the technical possibilities/limitations. Usually, in order 
> to do this as a team you'll need to do it all with launchpad.net and bazaar 
> (bzr)
> Because there is a big difference between the various jobs you'll almost 
> certainly need to do it by coordinating your efforts with others. To this 
> end, the idea of theme teams arose in which the community can bridge the gap 
> between proposing random ideas and working as a team(s) on specific 
> ideas/goals.
> As stated on the FAQ (http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/FAQ) the default artwork 
> is decided by the Canonical management team. The community can work on new 
> ideas for the default artwork but should not expect to make any final 
> decisions. Parts of the default artwork currently in Hardy are community 
> efforts. Part of my job at Canonical is to be the official voice for the 
> company in relation to artwork matters.
> As Salane has mentioned, creating coordinated efforts to change parts of the 
> default look *is* possible....it is just really, really hard for many 
> reasons :-) 
> Defining an artistic direction would greatly increase the productivity of 
> talented artists, talented artists are what we lack most of, funny how that 
> works, eh?
> In the meantime an interesting wallpaper idea is probably the best way to 
> start, but don't tell anyone I said that, it defies the whole idea of 
> artistic direction. Reality meets "the-way-things-should-be".Fight the evil 
> spirits and overcome those who defy you (based on a very conservative 
> assumption of what is currently technically possible).
> Basically, you have to do the same thing as a theme team does, even if only 
> for one specific aspect of the current theme. Show your ideas by actuallythe 
> producing something.
> I would add that you'd also need to accept that radical change is only going 
> to happen in the rarest of exceptions and to be willing to listen to 
> criticism (whether you agree or not, and more importantly in many cases, 
> whether you understand exactly what is meant or not) and act upon it in a 
> productive manner.
> There is a big difference between random discussion and doing something which 
> proves your necessity, skill/talent, willingness to stay on the train for the 
> whole ride and serve drinks, whatever. This is the necessary first step.
> We've tried for a while now to revive art.ubuntu.com but little has happened, 
> it got stuck in code review and is forevermore lost :-) I suggest using 
> ubuntu-art.org for general submissions. The person who runs it is a friend of 
> mine, so there shouldn't be any problems. We can, as desired, reserve the 
> wiki for serious theme team proposals and work in progress.
> On Thursday 24 July 2008 20:25:47 Matthew Nuzum wrote:
>> On Thu, Jul 24, 2008 at 1:03 PM, Salane Ashcraft <salane89 at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Its just I hear stuff from people who have been here long, but what
>>> have they done? Ken himself has said the art team needs to prove
>>> itself to be trusted with anything substantial.
>> In order for this team to have a success this time around, one person
>> needs to take ownership of a project (a theme) and ensure that
>> whatever needs to be done in order to get it complete and installable
>> gets done.
> Right, this has been what we want to achieve for quite some time now. Groups 
> of people working towards their own goal(s). Talents from one team benefit 
> others, more gets done and it becomes easier for everyone. Get something real 
> out there, that is the whole point, or? 
>> There are very few people who can create all of the graphical elements
>> of a theme AND package it AND get it ready for distribution. But
>> that's ok because one person doesn't need to *do* all of that. They
>> just need to be tenacious enough to get it done, asking for help where
>> necessary. As a matter of fact, the right person may not be able to do
>> any of the tasks other than being able to get something done.
>> It is a challenge but people on this list have accomplished it. For
>> example, "Who" has been very active on the list lately and he is one
>> of the people who achieved this goal a few releases ago. And he didn't
>> even have PPAs available for his project! As a matter of fact, you can
>> benefit from his hard work by starting with the bluebuntu source
>> package and using it as the base for your own theme. If in doubt, ask
>> for help either here or the MOTUs.
> Indeed, I could note a couple of people who have been really helpfull in the 
> last couple of years. In respect to the good work they have done I tend to 
> value their opinion very much. The nicest thing I learned about this team is 
> the fact that you can meet people with whom you totally disagree and still 
> work towards something better by expanding each others understanding of 
> design, desires, needs, etc.
> I hope to see more people working together.
> I have offered to help various people with bzr, launchpad, etc. If there are a 
> group of people interested, we can make some kind of session out of it.
> --
> Kenneth 

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