[ubuntu-art] logo / branding for ubuntu-women?

Carol Meertens mouz at xs4all.nl
Sat Jul 19 19:27:20 BST 2008

Hello ubuntu-art group,

I'm posting to ubuntu-art on behalf of the ubuntu-women group, of
which I am a member. We would like to have a branding for our group.

Would it be possible the ubuntu-art group creates this for us?

Its first use would be on our launchpad page [1] and on our website
[2]. We suspect the task could be easy for you, yet very difficult for
us to get it right. That's why we hope you are willing to make one for

We feel it would be nice to just have the Ubuntu circle, with its
default colors, and with two additional crossing lines below it ('+').
The '+' is making it the symbol for female. This was inspired by the
debian women logo [3], which you probably know and which we like very

I'm not sure what information you would need exactly. Please let me
know if I need to provide more information. For launchpad a group
there are 3 formats in use for the different applications of the logo:
- 'mugshot': 192x192 pixels, at most 100kb
- 'logo': 64x64 pixels, at most 50kb
- 'icon': 14x14 pixels, at most 5kb
In addition to that we would like a version of the mugshot with the
words 'ubuntu' and 'women' at the right; using the ubuntu font.  One
of our members, Akkana Peck, created an example:
http://shallowsky.com/ubuntu-women/. We are not sure whether rotation
of the circle is legally correct.

You can read our thread about it at our mailing list archives [4].
I'm CC-ing this post to the ubuntu-women mailing list.

Hoping to hear from you,
Taking the opportunity to thank you for your beautiful art work,

[1] ubuntu-women on launchpad:
[2] ubuntu-women website:
[3] debian women logo:
[4] thread on ubuntu-women mailing list starts at:

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