[ubuntu-art] Whats Up with This?

SorinN nemes.sorin at gmail.com
Tue Jul 1 13:27:16 BST 2008

> See the complaints? We cannot let this happen. This theme is even worse
> then the default of Hardy....

1. Well my question is about "worse" word. What is so worse .. ?

2. indeed some things could be improved. Scrollbars  are almost
invisible - which is not good - always you have to loose 1 or 2
seconds to focus your look to see if is something scrollable or not -
but if the bar is colored and visible you will know from start if  is
something to scroll....

It's clear, the author is not a fervent reader of usability books -
but hey - the rest is pretty clear and clean - he has talent he need
ideas / help not this kind of remarks.

3. Criticism must be "positive" - I mean -> if something is not good
-> let solve the problem, talk about problems not shoot the people...
I'm got tired of  "Neanderthal positivism" on almost all places - this
community must think in a superior way.

4. Anyway this theme will make it's history between graphic artists,
gamers - not office dedicated peoples, etc. On my opinion is one if
the best dark theme that I see on last months - clearly defined
buttons, elegant metacity theme. The only drawback -> scrollbars not

2008/7/1 Ravindra Singh <r.coded at gmail.com>:
> I have a small suggestion to make, I have noticed that a normal Ubuntu live
> CD installation has at a maximum of 2 or 3 wallpapers by default while other
> distros such as Opensuse, Fedora, Linux Mint etc have at least 7 or 8. It
> would be nice if some of the art submitted at Ubuntu Art could be included
> also in the Live CD to give a user more choice.
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Nemes Ioan Sorin

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