[ubuntu-art] panel icons

Kenneth Wimer kwwii at ubuntu.com
Wed Jan 30 12:31:08 GMT 2008

On Wednesday 30 January 2008 06:19:57 Troy James Sobotka wrote:
> Kenneth Wimer wrote:
> > Attached is a png file with ideas for the panel icons. Which is better,
> > the "etched" look or the simple 2d look?
> Probably not what you want to hear and repetitive - but isn't it
> dependent on what the overall approach is going to aim for?

Yes it is. At this point we want to simplify anything informational symbols 
which show status while using color to denote action or action-needed. 
Eventually I can see this idea also being used in the window decoration 
buttons and perhaps eventually notification/warning/etc pop-ups.

While I like the idea of using etched icons I am not sure how well they will 
work with the different forms or in combination with a non-themed icon. I'd 
like to try working on both for a while to that we get a better feeling of 
how well each idea works.

> Honestly, they are both top shelf implementations, and better than what
> we have by an order of a magnitude.

Good to hear that you like them :-)

> Not sold on the update manager 'bang' however.  Orangey yellow with that
> shape from my North American slanted culture feels like a 'Pow!' is
> written there.  Again though, that is completely relative to my rather
> useless brain.

Right, I agree that the symbol used in the update icon needs work. I haven't 
spent much time on that yet, just trying to get the general idea out the 

> When it comes to complexity, the plethora of multi-coloured-nightmare 22
> pixel blobs aren't doing us any help.  +632 to simplifying the mess of
> Tango meaningless blobs.


> Sincerely,

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