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Jason Brower encompass at gmail.com
Sat Jan 26 07:58:14 GMT 2008

Looks like memaker is going into ubuntu!  Let's get some more artwork.
So with that, let's see if we can cleanup these last bugs.
I have this usability bug with an undo button in the pynotify dialog.
But for some reason the button isn't do anything but complain if it's
definition isn't present.  Very dumb indeed.
But I will be taking everyone advise on what should be taken out and
moved around so we can have this release very stablized.
Can we report any last bugs we have with this release?
Don't do packaging bugs until the next deb is created.  We need to get
one that is stable for the next release and if we have the source files
for the deb.  Which I linked to earlier, we should be able to easily
make more debs. :D
Jason Brower

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